CTTI: The Chicago Transformation Teacher Institutes



What are teachers saying about CTTI?


Math teachers

It’s nice that I’m here with other math teachers and so a lot of … common concerns are about teaching math. So we get a good amount of actual higher level math but it’s frequently grounded in things that we encounter everyday with our students.

It’s been a good opportunity to network with a lot of people, to meet a lot of people, and to strengthen my connections with people around Chicago who aren’t necessarily at my school and understand what kinds of things they are running into in their solutions to the same kinds of problems we’re having in my school.


Science teachers

Some of the things we cover in chemistry, like proteomics, chromatography, these are also a part of our biology courses, not at this level but it is very applicable and it opens up the world with which I was not so familiar.

Most of the courses you take as a science educator are education courses that are not challenging, they don’t really tell you anything that you don’t already know. This is a chance to take a real graduate course or graduate courses that challenge you. You learn so much and it enhances you personally and professionally.

Beyond just learning analytical chemistry--just the experience of being in a college class and remembering the rigor and just the expectations--that's helped me as a teacher preparing students for college.


If you would like to learn more about CTTI and the ways in which CTTI courses, workshops, and networking meetings can enhance your teaching and leadership, please email our project coordinator, Dean Grosshandler, at grosshan@uic.edu for more information.